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Evaluating Performance |SKILLS |STRENGTH and WHY? |WEAKNESS and WHY? |OVERALL EFFECT | | |Related to technique |Related to technique |on Performance | |Hill Running |Hill Running is the performer’s key strength for this |Hill running is the performer’s weakness because there |STRENGTH- The performer’s strength of hill | |Running uphill in a XC race in a competitive |performer because it was consistent, aesthetic and |preparation is poor and so is there technique. The |running means that they are more likely to gain | |situation where performance is concerned. |clearly learned. They are seen to be pulling away from|performers approach to the hill is very poor as they |time on other competitors and not lose time, | | |opponents and look very strong There technique is very|completely misjudge the severe gradient of the hill and|this could help them place high or win a XC | | |co-ordinated as it is fluent and flowing. |how to pace it, they start the approach by sprinting up|race. | | |There posture is very good as they are leaning into |it at a unsustainable pace as their performance begins | | | |the hill from the hips and not the stomach this is |to fade in addition to their

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