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The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at IJPPM 61,2 Leadership performance is significant to project success or failure: a critical analysis Phil Nixon Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia 204 Received June 2011 Accepted July 2011 Megan Harrington School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, and David Parker Business School, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Abstract Purpose – This paper seeks to review the current literature in order to explore how performance of leadership in project management determines project outcomes. The specific causes of project success or failure have been an area of much debate in the project management literature. Performance of leadership has been cited as a critical success factor, determining either the success or failure of a project. Design/methodology/approach – An extensive literature review has been undertaken to explore our understanding of how project leadership performance impacts on project outcome. Findings – The mechanisms through which leadership may impact on outcomes are considered. Implications include the need for project managers to prioritize training in leadership skills, and the need for continuous professional improvement to enhance leadership outcomes. No single leadership model is appropriate throughout the duration of the project. Performance, therefore, must be modified to align with the stages of the project duration. Research limitations/implications – While the literature has given meaningful insights into leadership of projects, there has been little research into performance management of project leadership. The work is the basis of developing a research agenda and establishing a conceptual framework. The

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