Ghandi Is the Greatest Christian of the Modern Era

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Gandhi was a great man, and he exemplifies the meaning of a man who was possibly the greatest Christian in the modern era. His life became a great message to the world and he was a great leader. Gandhi took on one of the greatest superpowers of that time, the British Empire, to help India gain its independence without firing a single shot. His influence on the people, not only India, but people around the world was immensely inspiring. Gandhi took the teachings of Jesus, the Beatitudes, and applied them to life itself which has shown how well they work when they are followed and how great the results are from following the Beatitudes. Gandhi only ever used two weapons while he was alive, the truth and nonviolence which were displayed throughout his life. Gandhi worked hard and diligently against racial discrimination and prejudice in British controlled India. He first started working against discrimination when he was kicked off a train by the authorities because of an accusation from a white man. Gandhi’s fight against discrimination eventually leads to the freedom and independence of India. Gandhi experienced this first hand and went around India teaching his ways to other people and gaining followers who wanted to be like Gandhi. These followers would not falter, even when Gandhi went to jail, they did not riot. They responded to the government’s answer of violence with nonviolence, like Gandhi would. Nonviolence, such a great and powerful word yet has contradicted its meaning throughout history as something that can accomplish many great tasks. There are so many instances in history where violence just led to more violence and made things worse in the long run. Gandhi shows that nonviolence can have the same effect as violence, and in a more peaceful manner. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” One of the many Beatitudes applies in this
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