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first of all , as a female citizen , i think female should not serve national service . the first reason is because the difference in physical strength between male and female. we all know that national service is very tough. during NS all soldiers must train very hard to achieve the goals. the female may not be able to endure such tiring exercises because female is weaker than male in stamina. therefore ,female should not serve the national service. the second reason is that no one will take care of the children if there is a war . servicing national service allow ppl to learn how to defend our own country which is Singapore. So if there is a war , all adults are called to defend the country . Thus parents will not able to take care of their own young children. this will be big problems because young children don’t have the abilities to protect themselves. the third reason is that the population of Singapore itself is very limited. And the female population takes up to more than half of the citizen in singapore. If we were to impose compulsory national service for all the females, the economics might be weakened and the workforce maybe reduced. so it’s not wise to ask the female to serve national service . lastly , men and women have different roles to play in the society and national service is not women’s duty. In a significant way, women in Singapore have always gone through national service, even before the Government introduced it for men. They have carried babies in their wombs, given birth to them, breastfed them and brought them up. And for every baby born, this 'national service' amounts to many more days, weeks, months and years than any man puts in for compulsory NS. and the government ask women to have more babies . that is a woman’s service of love to the

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