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A. With 100 as the highest, rate yourself on each of the listed aspects of speech delivery performance for your persuasive speech. Discuss why you believe so (30 points). Make a very evaluative, reflective and critical analysis of your performance to address each of the following areas: 1. Great speech organization: 100: I feel I organized both of my speeches very well and thoroughly. My speech outlines contained a lot of information, and I worked very hard to make sure they were well organized and that the ideas flowed smoothly into one another. I believe creating my persuasive speech outline; I was more prepared and ready for what needed to be done. Obviously with practice, ideas flow more smoothly and what is expected is made clearer. I felt that my persuasive outline was easier to complete because I had a better idea of how to form my ideas and put them together in an effective manner for delivering a speech. 2. Providing convincing facts and information from credible sources: 96. I provided convincing facts and information about what we can do in order to reduce the negative effects of global warming, however, I am giving myself a 96 because as I was giving my speech, I left out a few of the facts that I think would have helped show the class how important it is to take part in the reduction of global warming. I had so many different facts to deliver that I blanked on some of them. However, I feel that the facts and information I did give could have really hit home and made people see how easily we can readjust our daily lives in order to take a part in helping the environment that we live in. I also had credible sources, because what I found on one source was also found on another source of mine, showing that the facts I gave to the class were credible and my sources reliable. 3. Abiding by the ethical requirements of citing sources of

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