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G.G. Toys is a manufacturer of dolls located in the United States which was leading supplier of high quality “Geoffrey dolls” to retail stores throughout the US. Increasing production costs required the company to shift the product mix toward specialty dolls. Because of the high margin, Mr Parker was willing to accept many orders for specialty branded dolls even if this meant that the company had to lower production of the standard Geoffrey doll. At the same time, Mr Parker wanted to discuss about adding two more product lines with GG’s controller and manufacturing manager. GG toys had recently commissioned an internal team to study its overhead costs in its Chicago manufacturing and Springfield assembly plants. Mr Parker was unsure about how the excess capacity reserved to produce holiday reindeer dolls in Chicago plant during July, August and September would affect the results of internal cost study in Chicago plant and overall plant performance. Additionally, GG toys was considering producing a handmade “Romaine Patch” dolls by using the scrap material from production of all doll pajamas at the Chicago plant. Production Methodology: For the doll production process, please see Appendix A. As you can see from Appendix A, the major raw materials are vinyl, resin, wool, and other fiber. Doll bodies for the specialty-branded line were produced to the same specifications as the standard Geoffrey doll in terms of shape and size. However, the pajama outfit of this line was different from the standard Geoffrey doll. Thus, more specialized material cuts and hand assembly were required. For assembling cradles, cradle bed, rocking legs, and a small speaker were assembled by hand in the Springfield assembly plant (see Appendix B). Industry background: Political analysis: The U.S. toy companies shared 26.8% of the world toy market (refer to Appendix C), which was the

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