Gettysburg Vocabulary

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Vocabulary Abomination: (n) anything greatly disliked; complete negative Accompany: (v) to company with or join in action Acreage: (n) extent of land of area in acres Acrid: (adj) sharp or bitter to the taste or smell Acute: (adj) sharp in effect Advocacy: (n) the act of supporting or recommending; example = period 5 of English Aesthetic: (adj) having the sense of beauty; example = love Affable: (adj) easy to approach and to talk to; example = Mr.Hallstrom Aggregate: (n) sum or gross amount; sentence = the aggregate of all past experience… Aghast: (adj) struck with overwhelming shock or amazement; sentence = they stood aghast at the sight of the plane crashing Alacrity: (n) cheerful readiness or willingness; sentence = We…show more content…
The South’s defeat was critical and changed the tide of the war. Poignant: Kate was only five years old when she died in a car accident. The story of this tiny girl dying at such a young age was extremely poignant. No parent wants to bury their own child, the thought is too heartbreaking. Pompous: The prince was a pompous fool. He was arrogant and snobbish, even though he had accomplished nothing in his life. He was a prince by birthright, not because he earned it. Precursor: George Washington’s term was a precursor for the other president’s. He set the two term presidential policy for the rest of the presidents. Preposterous: Jack said he went swimming with hippos last summer. That idea is completely preposterous. The thought of my brother swimming with animals ten-times his size is absurd and unbelievable. Presumptive: Pretentious: The movie star was very pretentious and showy as she strutted down the red carpet with her nose in the air. She is so conceited she did not stop to speak to any of her fans. Prodigal: Sam is a prodigal son. He left home with his father’s inheritance and spent it all lavishly. He lived an extravagant life, until the money ran
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