Gettysburg "The Movie" History Vs Facts

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"Gettysburg The Movie" History Vs. Facts The epic American Civil War film "Gettysburg" released in 1993 was based upon the book written by author Michael Sharra "The Killer Angels" 1975. The story is told through a few of the major players in the battle, mostly general's Confederate commanding General Robert E. Lee, Con. General James Longstreet and Union Col. Joshua Lawerence Chamberlain. Although there were many courageous men during the fight Michael Sharra chose to illuminate these indivduals stories. The battle of Gettysburg was one of the turning points of the Civil War in America. Before the battle occured the Army of Northern Virginia had won most of the major campaigns in the eastern theatre of war, including the first Battle of Bull Run , The Peninsula Campaign, a stalemate at Antietam, Second Manassas, Fredricksburg and finally Chancellorsville two months prior to the Gettysburg Campaign. After the loss of the battle Confederate hopes began to dissipate on European intervention, winning the war on the battlefield and becoming a self-governed nation. Never again would General Lee attempt and invasion of the north. With the victory of Gettysburg the Union Army of The Potomac gained great confidence in their ability to fight and quell the southern states rebellion by force. The movie begins on June 30, 1863. When a rebel scout had observed the movements of both federal cavalry and infantry. This information was then passed onto Confederate Gen. Longstreet then onto Gen. Lee. Gen. Lee decides to concentrate the army at Gettysburg. The Army Of The Potomac cavalry leader Maj. Gen John Buford observes the lead elements of the Army Of Northern Virginia just outside the town of
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