Gettysburg Informative Speech

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Title: The Battle of Gettysburg Purpose: To inform people about the Battle of Gettysburg Introduction: A. Attention Getter: The Battle of Gettysburg is the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. Approximately 150,000 people fought in this battle, which resulted in over 51,000 deaths. 569 tons of ammunition supplied this battle, and over 5,000 soldiers went missing on both sides. B. Thesis: The Battle of Gettysburg was fought on July 1st and ended on July 3rd of 1863. It started off as just a little battle near a barn but ended up as the deadliest battle in the civil war. Body: A. 1st Main Point: Beginning of the Battle: On the morning of July 1st, Union calvary spotted the first of many confederate troops crossing over…show more content…
5th Main Point: July 3rd: Battles resumed the next morning when the union was attacked again on Culps Hill. The union was close to winning that battle when confederate reinforcements arrived. When the reinforcements came, they conquered the Union troops, giving the confederates a small victory in this three-day battle. The confederates morale was boosted by the 2 previous skirmishes, and their confidence lead them to try to battle the union up the hills. They failed miserably. The confederates couldn’t break the line of defense and were forced to retreat. At that point Lee decided to attack the middle of the union army with his remaining troops rather than attacking the sides. They used over 12,000 soldiers to penetrate the defense of the union. This plan lacked thought and strategy and resulted in the death of thousands of troops. Lee soon realized that he had no choice but to retreat. He told his remaining men that they needed to retreat back to the Potomac River, thus ending the Battle of Gettysburg with a union victory. Conclusion: A. Summary of Main Points: The Battle of Gettysburg had a massive effect on both armies, resulting in 23,000 union deaths and 28,000 confederate deaths. In the end, the confederate army fell short against the union. B. Final Thought: The Battle of Gettysburg is a historic battle that was fought during the civil war, and proved that war is less about skill and more about
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