Gettysburg A Turning Point Analysis

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The American civil war was a major turning point in the creation of our country today. The southern states wanted to preserve slavery for economic reasons, while the north wanted to abolish slavery for they believed in a free country for all men and women no matter what color. The battle of Gettysburg is considered a major turning point in the civil war because it ended the southern invasion of the north. On both the Union and the Confederate side roughly four thousand soldiers were killed, fourteen thousand wounded and five thousand capture. In Abraham Lincoln’s speech the Gettysburg address he spoke about the men that died in the field and how they would never be forgotten. At that point in time Abraham Lincoln was unsure whether the north…show more content…
But the ground of the Gettysburg Battle would always be remembered because so many people this day will be forgotten. Forgetting this day or this war would be letting thses events be born again in another form, that would haunt us in the future. No matter what we say here the world will soon forget it, but the men that died here would never be forogten because what they fought for win or loose would remain a major victory in history. The men that fought here today have brought us that much closer to victory by stopping the General Robert E. Lee’s southern troops in there invasion of the south. We cant forget the me that died here. By giving their lives these soldiers that increased our loyalty to this war, and insured that fact the the north will never give up. Because if we give up now then these men will have died for nothing and we will loose our freedom anf the freedom of this country “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” The nation will be born again and this time it will be free for ever and ever and ever and evevr and ever
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