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Migdalia Torres ENC 1102 23 March 2015 “The Story of an Hour” This America feminist story shows on their lines, a wife with a husband that works outside and a wife who is the house-caring labor that probably feels just like other women in different societies in our time. Mrs. Mallard felt like a prisoner within her own marriage, inside her own house and even with a loving and caring husband, she still continued to feel like a prisoner trapped within the social and governmental boundaries set by her time. At the beginning of the story Josephine and Mr. Richards wanted to bring the news of her husband’s death as softly and simply as possible to Mrs. Mallard due to her delicate heart issues. But as soon as she learns of her husband’s death Mrs. Mallard weeps in sadness and begins to lose herself. Soon after the waves of sadness have calmed she enters her room alone and begins to look out the window. As she looks out the window she begins to feel a sense of freedom, since her husband has passed away she feels like she is no longer bound or “imprisoned” by the social and governmental laws that kept her. When her husband was alive, Mrs. Mallard felt like she could not be who she wanted to be. 1894 was in a time period where women did not really have much power or say in anything that went on. It was women who were the ones that stayed at home and took care of the family and that was really the story of almost every woman in that time period. For the reader it may be difficult to understand why she is so happy for his death: she was not happy, he was a good man, good provider, a loving and caring person towards her. In a sense she may be happy because she can finally feel freedom, a feeling that she has not experienced before in her life. Mrs. Mallard finally felt free for the first time in her life. She was aquiver with the new science of life. As Mrs. Mallard

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