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History 1 THE GETTY VILLA This extra credit option was a great opportunity for me to visit the Getty Villa. A friend of mine went there a few times and told me how beautiful this place was. On Friday morning me and my classmate Amy went to our field trip. Believe it or not, the tickets were free, we just had to order them online in advance. The only charge was $15 for parking, but it was totally worth it. Modeled after the Villa dei Papiri, an actual Roman country house in Herculaneum, the Getty Villa serves as a time portal for those who want to explore the ancient Mediterranean empires of the Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans. Located just off the Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades, the Getty Villa is a historical retreat…show more content…
Once you go inside of the museum, you enter the main public room of the Roman house called the Atrium. In the atrium, you would see a small pool in the center called the impluvium, which was not used for swimming, but was used to catch rainwater instead. The ceiling, the compluvium, is open for the purpose of light and air. The rooms in the Villa are exhibits that house over 1,200 Greek, Etruscan, and the Roman antiquities. The first floor exhibits are the Greek and Etruscan terracotta and marble vessels, glass antiquities, gods and goddess, mythological heroes, monster and minor deities, stories of the Trojan War. Also on the first floor is the Family Forum, in which "Ancient art comes alive" through "hands-on discovery." There is also a Timescape room that features a large timeline of major events of the ancient Mediterranean world. The second floor houses most of the Roman antiquities such as funerary and animal sculptures, bust sculptures of Roman emperors and other Roman men, women, and children, religious offerings, and coins, gems, and jewelry. A personal favorite antiquity on the second floor is the Roman mummy. The mummy is still encased in his original capsule with a painting of his portrait on the

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