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Memo To: C.E.O. From: C.I.O. Subj: Increased Information Security Date: 24 August 2015 Security data information is vital to our organization, considering our organization relies on the E-commerce for orders. Countless incidents have occurred within the company this past week, exposing our customers’ personal information. Upon inspection, it was found that we are open to hackers who sent malicious software to obtain information or corrupt information in our databases. We may think we are safe but this might be happening even now. This form of cyberterrorism may lead to loss of data from our databases thus affecting our operations. In addition, we are susceptible to espionage and sabotage of the organization computer networks systems, which may see the organization make losses at the end of the day. If we consider improving the organization information security, then we shall be protected from this problem. The authentication level within the organization relies on the notion of trust that stems from employees. Although each employee must have access to a unique ID and password to access our servers, there are no tiers in our current authenticity. Granting certain levels of authenticity will also aid in a more secure system. Considering data information security and the risks associated with it will help the organization in reducing chances of information loss and enhance personal and organizational accountability. Since our responsibility is taking care of data information security or vulnerabilities of these risks, a separate department should be created for added protection. There is, without a doubt, that our organization needs an overhaul in the way we handle our information security. The vulnerability risk will only increase if nothing is done. And as such, we will lose customer trust and loyalty, pushing us

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