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Getting Inked I knew I wanted a tattoo after I watched my brother get his first one. He was sixteen and my mom had to bring him in because my dad wanted nothing to do with it. He didn’t hate tattoos; he just thought they weren’t worth permanently marking your body for. I was thirteen when my brother got his tattoo, so I had a good amount of time to decide what I wanted to get. I ended up going through many ideas. At first, I wanted a pink and purple butterfly I saw in a picture. The woman who had the tattoo in the picture had it on her shoulder, but I knew I wanted the tattoo to be on my foot. Then later I saw a beautiful cross and I thought it would look really nice on my foot. My junior year of high school, however, I decided to take a step back and really take the time to think about what I wanted to get. I wanted it to be meaningful but also to look good. I discussed with some of my friends about what I should get. There was one thing that my friend Matt said that really stuck with me. Matt and I had been friends since eighth grade so I knew he would be helpful and honest. We were sitting at the lunch table one day and I was talking about getting the tattoo. In the midst of our conversation he told me that the best idea would be to use song lyrics or a quote for the tattoo. I really liked this idea and immediately started to look for lyrics or a quote I wanted to use. I listened to many songs and came up with multiple lyrics I would like to use. After a while of searching, I figured out that I was going more towards song lyrics. However, it had been a year and I still hadn’t made a final decision. It was on a Saturday afternoon during my senior year of high school when I found what I finally wanted for my tattoo. I was lying on the couch and looking on Pinterest when I came across a picture of a Shakespeare quote. It said, “And though she be but little, she

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