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The main character in Getting Air is a teenage boy named Jimmy Zimmerman. Unfortunately, the book doesn’t describe the physical appearance of him, so I had to leave that out. Jimmy is a very adventurous and heroic guy. He helped stop the terrorists who hijacked the plane he was in. While he and some others were stranded in the wilderness, he tried to hunt for food for everybody. He also cares a lot about his sister, Julia. He would protect her from anything. The story takes place in a forest biome in Canada during summer. The book never stated the exact calendar-time that the story took place. The forest had thick trees, and some vegetation and small bodies of water. There were lots of animals and bugs, too. It did not tell the exact place they crashed, even at the end of the story. The story begins with Jimmy, his friends Henry and David, his sister, Julia, a group of old ladies, and 2 flight attendants in the plane, ready to take off. Jimmy was dreaming of his ultimate skateboarding fantasy, when his new titanium skateboard falls onto him from his section of the plan’s overhead bin. The skateboard didn’t fit in the overhead bin, so he had to carry it for the whole ride. After they too off, four terrorists suddenly hijacked the plane. Two took over the cockpit, and two tried to stop the passengers from doing anything. Jimmy soon beat the terrorists with his titanium skateboard with the help of the others on the plane. The plane then soon crashed in the Canadian wilderness, everyone either dead or knocked out. Jimmy survived only because he was holding his titanium skateboard which acted like a shield, blocking him from anything that he crashed into. Henry, Julia, David, an old lady called Mrs. Herschel , and a flight attendant named Arcadia also survived. It was already getting dark, so everyone went to sleep. The next day, they decided that they needed a

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