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Guantanamo Bay has had a long military history that has been overshadowed in the last ten years. The media would like for you to believe that it is some kind of mid-evil dungeon. Human rights advocate criticize the United States for remaining to keep the installation open. The United Nations human rights chief on Monday criticized the failure of the United States government to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and to ensure accountability for serious human rights violations which took place there. (www. Over have of the U.S. thinks that facility should remain open. In November 2011 reports that 52 percent of respondent believe the military prison should continue to operate. (; Human right advocates argue the Guantanamo detainees they should be charged and prosecuted otherwise released. The fact is that people soon forget that the rules of engagement and the Geneva Convention only apply to oppositional military forces and not terrorist organizations. The U.S. government enacted a new legislation which allows the U.S. military to detain terrorist suspects, foreign and domestic without charge. This new peace of law is called the National Defense Authorization Act. ( Guantanamo Bay has had a total of 779 detainees marched through its gates. The 911 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who planed the attacks New York, DC, and Virginia. The U.S. is not only fighting foreign terrorist but domestic terrorism as well. In 1995 Timothy Mc Veigh and Terry Nichols, The Oklahoma City bombers killed 168 people and is the deadliest domestic terrorist attack in U.S. History. In 1996 Eric Rudolph killed 2 and injured 111 in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing. Weather fighting Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or home grown terrorist like the Ku Klux Klan the need for an area to detain and process the suspected terrorist is

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