Get Tough on Street Crime!

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Public Speaking Speech: Get Tough on Street Crime Great, Foot locker. Just the shop I need. I could get Mum those shoes she really wanted, or buy some myself *pause* Nice trainers. I could definitely use some of those *pause* Wait a second. Why is that guy looking at me? Better move along a bit…he’s staring at me. What to do…browse a little more…he’s coming over! I don’t know this guy…*scared noises* is that a knife?! Ok, now is the time to leg it. Can’t get away…oh god… In December 2011, a teenager was stabbed to death in broad daylight in the Foot Locker store on Oxford Street, London, with hundreds of shoppers as witnesses. I don’t think I’m the only one wondering when I think What on earth was going on here! Well I’ll tell you what went on. It’s another horrible merciless killing. Another poor vulnerable victim of street crime. *pause* Crime on the streets of a city may include pickpocketing, vandalism and assault. Graffiti *pause* Drunk driving *pause* drug dealing *pause*. These are all very serious, very real forms of street crime that, although we may not notice, we see all the time. In England and Wales, street crime has risen by 10%. That means it’s 10% more likely to get offered drugs in the street. 10% more likely to get knocked over by a drunk driver. 10% more likely to get robbed in the street. Now, there was a girl called Sophie. Sophie Lancaster. She had been dating a 21-year-old art student at Manchester, for three years, and they both had a long-standing attachment to the Goth subculture. The couple's family described them by saying: "They're both intelligent, sensitive kids. They're not the sort of people to get in trouble, but they have had problems in the past because they stand out." And for standing out, Sophie paid a heavy price. She was sought out by a dangerous, violent gang. They knocked her boyfriend unconscious and whilst Sophie
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