Get Rid of the Perfomance Review

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Get Rid of the Performance Review caught my attention immediately. I am not in total agreement with Mr. Culbert as I believe Performance Reviews are a critical part of the Employer-Employee relationship, if done in a manner beneficial to both parties. The common goal being that an unintimidating, more individually focused review may need to be implemented in order to accomplish company goals more proficiently. This is not to point out flaws but rather to perfect a more balanced Performance Review benefiting the employee with more appropriate tools to work with as well as the organization with more knowledgeable and business savvy employees. A performance review is a crucial process of the employment and human resources-defined practices of an organization. It is a formal discussion as well as a documented process involving managers, HR and even top management about an employee's development and performance. However, more and more you hear horror stories, both from employees and managements perspective. Usually, animosity soon follows a not-so-perfect review. So what should be done to bridge the gap between employee and management when it comes to the dreaded annual, semi-annual, or the even more stressful quarterly review? How do we refine the process so that not only does the employee leave feeling accomplished, but the employer also feels accomplished in that the relationship between employee and employer is still a positive one? Have you ever been blindsided in a performance review, or disagreed with the over-all perception of your manager? Misunderstandings of what is discussed seem to always follow a Performance Review with the employee not understanding why the review was less than excellent but in order to have exceptional employees there needs to be exceptional Management. Appropriate Upper-Management support of Middle Management is crucial to the

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