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Get Out and Do It Essay

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1. CONTINUING CASE ASSIGNMENT: GO SHOPPING. Visit retail store operated by the target firm for your continuing assignment, and pose as a shopper. Write down all the things that the stores do to stimulate customers in buying merchandise.
In big retailer like Hypermart in Lippo Cikarang Mall, when we go there, we’ll hear a music since the store open until it closed. Sometimes without we realize it, when we hear a song that familiar in our ear, we’ll follow to sing the song or just humming it. We feel comfort and relax because music can help us to relieve our stress. so we can stay longer there and buy the things that we need. Next, hypermart also provide a large space from one rack to the another. It will help the customer who use trolley when they’re shopping. So they can drag their trolley easily because there’s a big space. And the other stimulation is announcement about promotion or discount from the staff there using a microphone to inform the news to the customer. And usually the promotion or discount only for certain period. So it will encourage the customer to buy the merchandise faster because if they buy it when the date is passed, they won’t get the discount. Or the other stimulation is voucher/coupon after the certain amount of purchasing. In hypermart, there is stamp program. When the customers have collect enough stamps, they can redeem it with a special merchandise. So it will make the customer to buy again and again to collect the stamps in order to get that special merchandise. And again, usually with a limited time. Hypermart also have distributes brochures and have put a big banner in front of the store and near the mall area. And the last, free tester from the SPG (Sales Promotion Girl) also can attract the customers to try the product and if they like it, they will buy it.

2. GO SHOPPING. Go to a supermarket and watch people selecting products to put in...

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