Get Off That Behind Essay

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How does television compare to a controlling lover? Just like a controlling lover, the television wants all the attention, it doesn’t want a person to grow mentally, and it can destroy self-confidence and self-worth. Even though television was not created for that purpose, this is what it has become to Americans. Television causes a great negative impact on society by stealing health, killing intelligence, and destroying self-esteem. Television plays a major role in today’s failing health. Americans pays more attention to television than their own health. For instance, a little girl did not want to miss not one second of her shows, including commercials, so she would hold her bowels until it eventually the sensation went away, not knowing she was training her body to hold her bowels in. This landed her into an emergency room with severe abdominal pains. Another way television contribute to falling health is lack of exercising. Exercising is very beneficial to the human body. It allows the heart and lungs to function properly, it keeps the joints and bones from stiffening up, it keeps the muscles firm, and it can keep certain diseases away. But unfortunately, men, women, and children of today are much heavier in weight because they watch more television today than in past years. Back then society did more activities outdoors such as walking, jogging, or just simply going to get a breath of fresh air. By giving television all of the attention, it could possibly lead to great health problems. Television has a negative impact on one’s intelligence. Watching television does not require any thinking or the use of imagination. For example, most TV show does not speak correct language. This is why reading can be fundamental. Reading expand one’s mind frame, because it causes the mind to work and think. Reading teaches a variety of word to use, correct

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