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Gestalt's Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: Ireneh2
  • on February 15, 2011
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Gestalt’s Psychology
Gestalt psychology was a new innovative psychology that came to America during World War II. In 1900s Gestalt psychology was developed in Germany. The meaning of Gestalt in German is a complete pattern or configuration. Gestalt’s Psychology dealt with wholes that can be formed into structured or coherent wholes by breaking them down into their component parts.   As such it was against behaviorism that goal was to reduce complex human experiences to a set of facts that are simple explanations of behavior. Gestalt’s psychology gained recognition in the twentieth century the three founders and their followers used Gestalt ideas to develop basic principles of perception in learning and thinking. For example, the law of proximity is about how elements that were close together in time or space would be seen as belonging together.   The principle of similarity is how the elements will be grouped perceptually if they are similar to each other. The principle of prognanz shows how neutral and perceptual organized set of a stimuli can form a whole   configuration .The principle of closure   is there are gaps in an element, human will   be inclined to mentally close those gaps to make the element complete.   In the closure principle if there are gaps in an element, People would tend to mentally close those gaps to complete the element.
There are a lot of styles in regards to Gestalt therapy. These styles deal with a united approach with mind, body, and feeling. Even some concepts of Gestalt psychology are focused on awareness including what is going on in the present. Gestalt psychology was a controversial teaching because it was rejected for its functionalism, structuralism, and behaviorism (Ellis, 1950). Every scientific disciple focuses on applied and basic research with complementing strategies. In this final documentary I discuss about theoreticians from the schools of gestalt and their contributions in Gestalt psychology.  
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