Gestalt Therapy Essay

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Process and Technique Gestalt therapy is a method of awareness, being aware of the mistakes and recognizing how to change them are key elements to the successfulness of this therapy. This helps the client to develop self-acceptance and the ability to live in the now. Some of the techniques used by Gestalt Therapists are dealing with the here and now. This doesn’t mean that the past and the future are not important it is what’s going on now. Focusing on the here and now allows one to be in touch with the self and their environment which in turn enables the client to realize his or her needs. The therapeutic statements used are “what are you feeling now”, what are you aware of now”. Unfinished business is another process if it’s not dealt with it can affect a person’s current and future way of life for this reason dealing with the unfinished business is a significant aspect of gestalt therapy. It is believed that recurring dreams are unfinished business and need to be brought back. Some of the other techniques used are the empty chair. This is role-playing where the client can confront different parts of their selves this helps to get in touch with deeper emotional issues. In addition to the experiments, the therapist can use confrontation. This is done in such a way that clients cooperate in order to examine behaviors attitudes and beliefs. This is also used in connection with internal dialog exercise, making the rounds, the rehearsal and reversal exercises. Because of these exercises, it is the hope of the Gestalt Therapist that individuals can deal effectively with their life’s problems. The Goal of Gestalt Therapy The goal of Gestalt therapy is to increase the awareness of how a person functions in their environment, including family, work, and social circles. The focus of the therapy is

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