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Gestalt Essay

  • Submitted by: gastoni
  • on April 15, 2011
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#4. The basic principle assumptions of Gestalt psychology are the laws of; totality, closure, similarity, proximity, symmetry, continuity, and common fate. Via the gestalt theory these laws are how one perceives (takes in information) from his or her environment.   An example is, a person may see a circle missing part of the curve but that person will still perceive it to be a circle.   Also Gestalt Psychology explains how the mind groups certain similar object. A personal example is I don’t like yellow candy. I know there are many different flavors it could be such as banana or lemon but I had a bad experience with the banana flavoring so in my mind I group all yellow candy as bad and I will not it the yellow. In my opinion the law of common fate is most used in the learning and growing processes. This is what most people would consider learning from example or experience. If a baby puts its hand on a burner and gets burnt the baby will associate burners with pain. The law of common fate states that because this happened the baby will perceive all burners to be hot and painful and if it puts its hand on them it will feel pain.
#6. William James states in “stream of conscious”: “Every state tends to be a part of personal consciousness”.   This means no two people can ever or will ever be in the same state of mind about any one thing.   For an example a crowd watching a comedian will all laugh at the punch line of a joke, but each individual person will be laughing based on their own personal experience and what the joke meant to them personally. A joke about parents will make the entire crowd laugh but individually each person is picturing their own parents in a similar situation, thus everybody is not in the same state of mind. William James also talks about a continuous consciousness. This means that thought is like a never ending stream in which one thought runs into another and there are no breaks.   Even though the state of consciousness changes there are no...

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