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Geronimo Go Khla Yeh, "One Who Yawns", also known as Geronimo by the Mexican army, was a dedicated apache warrior. He was born in No-doyohn Canyon, Arizona, in the year of 1829, as the grandson of a Nedni Apache chief. The position was forfeited since his father married out of the tribe. His father died when he was young so he had to protect his mother. They were forced to find another place to live, so they fled to live with their relatives. He started killing Mexicans because they killed his family when they stopped at a town the Indians like to call Kas-ki-yeh where they camped outside of the town for several days. He would go to town everyday with other warriors to trade and they left behind two soldiers so they can protect the women, kids, arms and supplies but one late afternoon they meet a few women from their tribe who told them some Mexican troops attacked there camps. When Geronimo returned to the camp he found his mother, wife, and children slain with the other people. He decided to take revenge by doing the same the Mexicans did to everyone as well as what they did to his family. He stated his cause as follows: "Kinsman, you have heard what the Mexicans have recently done without cause. You are my relatives--uncles, cousins, brothers. We are men the same as the Mexicans are--we can do to them what they have done to us. Let us go forward and trail them--I will lead you to their city--we will attack them in their homes. I will fight in the front of the battle--I only ask you to follow me to avenge this wrong done by these Mexicans--will you come? It is well--you will all come. Remember the rule in war--men may return or they may be killed. If any of these young men are killed I want no blame from their kinsmen, for they themselves have chosen to go. If I am killed no one need mourn for me. My people have all been killed in that country, and I,

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