Germond's Argument Analysis

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Article 1 Precis: Nalt Chalyan honestly chronicles the life and carrier of the late and esteemed Jack Germond without reserve of criticism in his “Jack Germond, syndicated columnist and TV commentator, dead at 85” ( 7/14/2013). Throughout his description of Mr. Germond's life, Chalyan throws in several quotes Mr. Germond himself and about his opinions about things, such as what he thought of journalists of his time period as well as his achievements throughout his life. Chalyan portrays Germond as a hard worker and a good person without putting him on a pedestal by pointing out some of his many faults in hopes to create an honest image of the man that was Jack Germond. Chalyan uses a very candor way of speaking about Mr. Germond and his…show more content…
This makes her argument seem quite valid and sensible. However I think she should have sourced more people as to get a wider range of opinions because with just one source it may seem a little biased and one-sided thinking. The key to a great argument is pointing out things that people have said to oppose your idea, acknowledging them and then proving them wrong through having more evidence or the art of persuasion. However I do agree with most of her proof and she has thoroughly convinced me of the validity to her arguments. Such as the discussion of whether or not we should teach evolution in school or not. To me this shouldn't even be a subject up for debate. I believe people that people should have their own opinions and beliefs because that is what makes us free men and women. That being said there is a difference between believing in something and forcing your beliefs on someone else. What if there are children who don't believe in the same thing you do? The US constitution states that the public school system may not favor one religion and if you don't want to teach the facts then your going to have to teach every single belief that exists as to remain impartial. Also there are beliefs but there are also proven facts and I think that that is more important and more valuable then beliefs because it is more relevant and applicable to the real world then the theory of creationism or and religious belief for that
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