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Year 13 History Unit 3 From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany, 1900-1945 Edition 3: July 2010 1 Contents Page: Introduction How to answer the exam questions Practise Exam Questions: Unit 1 Practise Exam Questions: Unit 2 Practise Exam Questions: Unit 3 Practise Exam Questions: Unit 4 Practise Exam Questions: Unit 5 Practise Exam Questions: Unit 6 How your exam essays will be marked Exemplar Essay: Section A Exemplar Essay: Section B Revision Notes: Unit 1 – Society and Government in the Second Reich Revision Notes: Unit 2 – The extent to which Germany was responsible for WWI Revision Notes: Unit 3 – The Weimar Republic Revision Notes: Unit 4 – Rise of the Nazis Revision Notes: Unit 5 – The efficiency and popularity of the Nazi regime Revision Notes: Unit 6 – Life in Germany during WWII 3 4 6 7 15 15 16 22 23 26 29 32 47 51 62 69 80 2 Introduction: This revision guide provides:      A summary of the necessary evidence for each unit Instructions on how to answer the exam questions Practise Exam Questions An explanation of your exam essays will be marked Exemplar Essays This revision guide does not:    Provide you with a line of argument as you must work out your own! Form points (with judgements) that answer exam questions – these are for you to work out! Explain how the evidence proves your points and explain how your points supports your line of argument Evaluate the evidence. It is up to you to consider the contradictory view to your point and argue against it  3 How to answer the exam questions Section A: Introduction: 1. Interpret the question 2. Explain your line of argument which should support, reject or modify the judgement in the question to a specified degree 3. Explain how your line of argument will be developed and proved Main Paragraphs: How far do you agree with the interpretation? How far do you agree with a cause as the

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