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* In the Nazis party some of the main points of the 25 points Programs were: abolish the treaty of Versailles/ union of Germany and Austria/ true Germans only allowed to live in Germany, no Jews/ industries and businesses to be nationalized/ provision for old pensioners/ to have a strong German government. * By nov 1923, Hitler believed it was time to take over. While the republic was occupied with economic crises and the Ruhr, Hitler hijacked the local government meeting and announced he was taking over the government of Bavaria, he was joined by war hero Ludendorff. Though the next day, the police rounded them up and arrested them. This was known as the Munich putsch. In trail, Hitler impressed the judges, high treason the crime Hitler committed) should be a life sentence but they gave him only 3 years and therefore he only served for 9 months. * After the worldwide economic depression, the Weimar republic was unable to solve the disaster in Germany and bring employment back. So Hitler now came in; Weimar is not strong? Then Germany needs a strong leader/ reparation payments making things worse? Then kick out the treaty of Versailles/ unemployment? Let’s rebuild the German army. The 25 points now started to attracts more people (the unemployed, elderly and middle class). * Nazi campaign methods were effective: relied on general slogans/ talked about uniting the people of Germany behind 1 leader/ going back to traditional values/ when criticized for specific policy, they dropped it/ they repeated that the Jews, communist and Weimar republic were reasons for Germanys problems/ Weimar’s democratic system is unable to solve Germanys economic problems/ they organized soup kitchens and provided jobs for unemployed/ SS&SA men showed discipline/ and off course the greatest campaign asset was Hitler, he was a powerful speaker. * What helped Nazis gain

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