German History Essay

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From Heidelberg to Schwetzingen I moved to Germany two and a half years ago, and had the opportunity to live 10 kilometers from one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Heidelberg. It is most famous for the beautiful Heidelberg Schloss and is located directly on the Rhine-Neckar River. It has a population totaling over 150,000, with over 3.5 million tourists a year. A picture I took from the monkey bridge of the Heidelberg Castle. Many foreigners know this city by name, or have some kind of knowledge of Heidelberg, because of its history and beauty. It is one of the most international locations that I have visited. Heidelberg, in my opinion, is the best way to break foreigners into the German economy. My experiences of Heidelberg and the people of Heidelberg have always been positive and welcoming as a foreigner. When you visit this city, most everyone is able to speak English or at least able to help direct you should you need it. I attended a one month German language course at the F & U Academy of Languages in the summer of 2011 when I first moved to Germany. This was a really great way for me to learn more about the city and to meet others who were just like me, foreign. There were many times when everyone in the class went out into Heidelberg together to practice the language. It was often so funny to do this as a group because we would push each other to speak with the Germans. It was a great time, and I made so many wonderful memories. I learned so much about Germany and the German language during my time here and highly recommend this to anyone who plans on staying for a long time in Heidelberg. It was a wonderful learning experience and one in which I will never forget. However, I will sway away from Heidelberg and introduce a city which may not be as well known. This city is called Schwetzingen. Located just 10 kilometers
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