German Culture Essay

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Introduction Deutschland, or Germany, has an ever changing cultural landscape. Old names of territories such as Bavaria, Brandenburg, and Saxony still carry pride and prestige among Germans while also being used for political and commercial gains (Every culture). Though some parts of German culture remain strong, many parts have been re-evaluated. Germans have had to Vergangenheitsbewältigung, come to terms, with many parts of their cultural past like the Third Reich which had been a large part of national identity and pride (Every Culture). Germany has a very young and developing culture due to recent events. Large cultural aspects along with specific German tendencies affect the nature of business in Germany. Large Cultural Impacts The current German state was founded in 1949 after Germany’s defeat in World War II. It was divided into East and West Germany with East Germany being soviet-controlled and West Germany being US-controlled (Every Culture). During this time, the Soviet Union wanted to isolate Eastern Germany and have East Germans establish their own identity that did not embrace the same values and experiences as West Germans (Comparison of East and West Germany). These different ideologies impacted the business environment in East Germany. The standards of living were lower in East Germany because of high unemployment levels. The availability and quantity of quality services and luxury goods were abundant in West Germany while greatly lacking in East Germany (Comparison of East and West Germany). The different ways economics and business practices were handled in West and East Germany were crucial in the development of the culture in present Germany. In 1990, East and West Germany were integrated into the Federal Republic of Germany (Every Culture). Since 1990, Germany has become the largest economy in Europe along with being a
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