German 111 Midterm Essay

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German 111 Midterm Exam Name: __________________________________________ Instructions: -Allot 90 min to take this exam. -Dictionaries are permitted. -Do not use a web-based electronic translator. This is unethical and points will be deducted. -Email the completed exam in MS Word (or compatible format) to your instructor at -The delivery deadline in Monday, September 19, 2011 at 23:00 (EST). I. Grußformen Which greetings would you say in the following situations? ⦁ __________Guten appetit__________________________ ______________Guten Abend_______________________ _____________Gruess_dich_______________________ __________________Hi___________________ II. Du, Sie, oder ihr? With which German form would the following individuals address each other: Du, Sie, or ihr? ___________________ihr__________________ _________Du____________________________ ______________Sie_______________________ ____________________Du_________________ (Holmes and Watson) III. Na, wie geht's? Wie geht es Ihnen? Und dir? Und.... Imagine that you are the figures below. How would you respond to the question: Wie geht es dir? Match the adjective with the correct image. Be sure to write complete sentences. Beispiel: Es geht mir gut, ausgezeichnet prima so-lala nicht besonders gut es geht übel schlecht A. ______Es geht mir schlecht. _____________________________ B. ________Es geht_mir prima.____________________________ C. _____________Es geht mir nicht besonders gut._____________________ D.

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