Gerard Essay

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Business Law Shana Hutson Everest University Phoenix Abstract This is about Gerard being inconsiderate of others. Gerard The Promoter Gerards promise is enforceable despite the lack of consideration. For him to even think of doing this to some kids that depend on this fund raiser type thing is very unbelievable. He should have to pay more than just what he said, to pay the kids back for their heartbreak and whatever hold back they had because of Gerard. The teens were depending on a shelter, a place where they could shower, sleep in a bed, and eat a meal. When Gerard said this all their hopes probably got flushed right down the drain. Now Gerard needs to pay for what he said he’s going to do. The people who donated the money probably only did it to help the teens out so they should get involved to. Once Gerard signed that contract for the concert to raise money for the teens he was making a promise to them. Now for someone to break a promise they have to pay somehow and in this case its Gerard. He can’t go around having people think they’re doing something for one thing but he’s really going to pocket the money in the end. This is considered as stealing. So in the end Gerard should have to end up building the homeless shelter for the teens and people should watch out which promoters they are helping. Just like in all works of life, there’s good and bad. References
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