Gerald's Relationship In An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls was set in 1912 – a date that represented a time where there were strong distinctions between men and women. Woman had no rights; all a well off women could do was to get married while poor women were seen as cheap labour. The men were the dominant sex and they had all the control. Throughout this play, Gerald Croft is shown to have had relationships with both Sheila Birling and Daisy Renton (Eva Smith). He appears to feel that he is loving and the "most important man" in their lives, although the audience can see that at different stages throughout the play, he was uncaring to both of them. Gerald Croft represents Capitalism. He’s from a wealthy background so he treats women uncaringly because his focus is on money and social status rather than emotional feeling. From the start of the play, Gerald is presented as having capitalist believes. We see this demonstrated when he agrees with Birlings treatment with Eva Smith. He states, “we’d have done the same thing” This highlights his selfish and uncaring attitude towards the less fortunate in society and like Birling he is…show more content…
He shows this disrespect when he says “you’ll have to get used to that” This highlights that he doesn’t give her choice/freedom which shows he has authority over Sheila. In contrast with this, he does appear to have genuine feelings for her, “I insist upon being one of the family now. I’ve been trying for long enough” The words ‘family’ and ‘trying’ suggest Gerald has been in a relationship with Sheila for a while now and clearly wants to marry her. Gerald also shows true love towards Sheila as he says, “…and I hope I can make you as happy as you deserve to be’ Gerald obviously wants to make up for his affair with Eva (even though the audience do not yet know about this affair) He seems to treat Sheila with a lot of
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