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The second poet I witnessed performing her readings live was Geraldine Monk. She was quite different than the first experience I had when I saw Alan Holzey’s reading. She showed a wide variety of poems from sad to dark to funny. There is no doubt her poems did have a much more humorous side and you could almost hear this personality feature in her voice. Some of Monk’s works included: Manufactured Moon This poem was my favorite because it was completely different than any other poem I had come across. It was a collection of poetical emails and used funny language such as “hip hop squash” that was very appealing as an audience. The choice to do a collection of poems in an email format is a style I could see being copied as poets move forward in this era of advanced technology. The poem did show a heavily reliance on nature which is very common in poetry in my experience. She used lines like, “Where do birds sleep?” and other nature metaphors that give me the impression she was on a farm while writing this. Another obvious feature you can get from the poem is that you can tell she is from Europe. She makes it obvious with language such as, “Irish Sea” and “life is a fencing match.” The poem slows as it comes to a conclusion with long pauses to highlight the most important diction found throughout the poem. Missing Name (Could not tell what she said was the title of poem) This poem had a much more intense nature to it than the previous. Like Holzey she chose to use either gibberish or another language for long periods of time in her poem. It is much darker and uses language you might see in a horror movie such as, “Is there anybody there?” She also got very quite when delivering that line that makes the audience think her intention was to seem petrified. The words not in English were almost shouted to really have the audience lost as the person

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