Geothermal Energy Essay

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Geothermal energy is the heat energy stored beneath the surface in the form of hot spring! And geysers it is the exploitation of heat energy of earth within the upper 10 km of the earth crust. Heat from the molten core of the earth offers a huge and sustainable energy source. Origin: The limitless heat from the interior of earth is used to convert water into steam. In volcanic regions of the earth, the hot rock is relatively close to the surface. Also in such regions sometimes, the natural groundwater comes in contact with the hot rock and the heated water or steam may find its way to the surface through natural steam vents. In such regions, holes can be drilled into the hot rock groundwater structure and make the rising steam to drive turbo generators to produce electric power. Uses: We utilise this type of heat for power generation. For developing countries, the overall' projected potential was estimated at 400x1018 joule for geothermal energy with the projected capacity in 1990. Efforts are being made to use this energy for generating power and creating refrigeration. Geothermal energy can either be used to produce electricity in power station or can be used directly as primary heat. Advantages: The green house gas emissions of geothermal stations are much less than that of coal burning power stations. In Ohaake in New Zealand about 320 gm of C02 is produced for each KW hour of electricity produced against 950 to 960 gm. if coal was used. Limitations Geothermal energy is a proven economical resource with energy technology. It has some environmental problems: 1. The steam brings hydrogen sulphide gas to the surface and pollutes the air unless controls are instituted. 2. Water contains many salts and minerals capable of causing water pollution. 3. The earth in a geothermal field may subside as the water is pumped out. Suitable

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