Georgia's Eulogy

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Oh Georgia. Georgia was by far one of the best pigs I have yet to raise. She was the only gilt out of the three I had purchased to take to the San Antonio and Victoria Breeding Gilt Shows and the only one who showed no fear. Georgia was a York with a solid body with chiseled muscles, no fat, a wide body frame, and by far the best personality for a pig. Georgia had a certain ‘spunk’ in her that would make everyone laugh and smile. When she was three months old and weighting close a hundred pounds, I noticed a lump in the middle of her belly, turning out to be a hernia. So a few days later she went under and was fixed as if nothing was wrong. She staid active and her curiosity almost got her nose caught in the wrong places a few times. Not…show more content…
It was very noticeable because while she was asleep she snored very loud; even asleep Georgia kept us smiling. Once she was fully off the gas her breathing kept getting worse. As a medical student I knew it wasn’t good, so I asked if the doctor and the nurses had noticed. In which they had so they tried to intubate her giving her more oxygen hoping to allow her to breathe better. As the doctor had intubated Georgia, her body had relaxed making her bladder empty, meaning she had passed. Georgia was a gift, she was so amazing and heart warming. She came to me just as fast as she left. I had two other pigs to show but there is no pig that could replace her. I work hard with what I am given and I strive to do my best. I had a Chester and Hamp gilts still so I worked my butt off and strived for the best. I took my Chester to San Antonio where I placed forth in my breed class. The Hamp had weight gaining problems so I didn’t take her to San Antonio. I showed them both in Victoria where the Chester was Other Pure Breed Reserve Champion and my Hamp placed in the breed
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