Georgia O'Keeffe Oriental Poppies Essay

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The Art of seeing Essay Georgia O'Keeffe Oriental Poppies Pg 54 Oil on Canvas Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Oriental Poppies” is an oil painting on canvas which was completed in 1927. This abstract representational work was declared a groundbreaking, art masterpiece. Georgia O'Keeffe’s painting is what she perceived in her mind and felt in her heart. In "Oriental Poppies," she depicts two giant poppy flowers, Measuring 30" x 40. "Oriental Poppies" almost looks like a close up photograph. O’Keeffe’s painting incorporated photographic techniques such as cropping and close-ups. This oil painting is an explosion of radiant colors on canvas, lending a compelling effect. O'Keeffe used dazzling red and orange as the main color of the petals. The skillful shading and smooth finish of the petals draw attention to the vibrancy of the flowers. The contrast between the dark shades in the middle of the flower shows the depth & detail to the painting. As an artist she liked to balance the picture in all ways, so that if the painting was to be folded in half, both sides would be about the same. The scale of the painting is amazing. She truly believed in painting the flower close up to show the full detail, instead of painting a flower to the true scale whereas you would only see a tiny flower. The overall feeling this painting presents to the eyes is radiance. With its bright reds & oranges it brings a sense of warmth. The painting pulls in the viewer with its abstract light. Because of the scale of this painting it shows the beauty of flowers and gives it more of a intensity. Georgia O’Keeffe really enjoyed painting flowers and understood that people only glance at flowers and never really observes its elegance. Her lovely representation of two ordinary flowers generated widespread admiration and was considered as one of her most memorable works. She had a love her

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