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Georgia Essay

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Hunting like a sport and not like a killing.

(1)   Most of people thinks that it's killing, it's barbarism and so on, if you think so you must try it and you will change your mind. It is strong positive energy, this is active rest and relief. Many centuries ago it was only way to get food, but today it is sport. (2) In hunting is very important a dog, if the dog isn't well trained   it will not be a good hunting, when hunting dog is well trained we call it "dageshili" (3) it means that he knows the smell of animals and knows how to act when he sense different animal. and of course equipment , (4) in equipment mainly we need boots, Knife, some suit, water, hunting weapon, bullets and rope. But it depends on where you are planning to go hunting on which animal.   when you are hunting you must know how to hunt on them, for example on bear, (5) hunters remove and go to rows of numbers in the compiled, rest of hunters go to other side with dogs and threatening bear to go to other side and there on positions are waiting hunters, they catch the bear and kill. It's a kind of strategy. You cant hunt just to take weapon and go hunt. (6) ancient time people didn't had weapon, but with strategy they were killing wild animals.

(7) A positive energy that you are getting at hunting it's unforgettable, with hunting you can prove your bravery, strength and smartness. (8) even today in African tomes if you want to prove your bravery and strength you must go to hunt on lion and kill lion, after that you are brave and strengthful man. (9) Most of people thinks that it's barbarism, I want to say to all people who thinks so, that It is not barbarism and I’ll say why; All good hunters know that you cant go hunting when you want, I mean that every wild animal or bird has it's own period when you can hunt on them.   good hunter will not go when wild animals has propagation time, or if they are young It all has their own periods when you go to hunting. Mostly dieing like "veteran"...

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