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George Whitefield George Whitefield could be easily know as the most famous religious preacher in the 18th century. Well known as a handsome thin blue cocked-eyed man, but walked as giant and had a voice to match. “I would give a hundred guineas, if I could say 'Oh' like Mr. Whitefield."— Actor David Garrick 2/19/1717-1/20/1779 agreeable with the tens of thousands that witnessed. George Whitefield the youngest of seven children. Born in Gloucestea, England on December 16, 1714 to Elizabeth Edwards and Thomas Whitefield. His father a wine merchant and a innkeeper up until his death in 1716. Leaving his mother widowed and struggling to provide for her family. George was only two years old at the time of his father’s death. George was home schooled for his early education by his mother. At the age of 12 he started attending St. Mary de Crypt. By the age of 15 George at the time felt that his education wasn’t going to help him, and had convinced his mother to allow him to stop school and start working as an innkeeper. During the late nights at work George became very fond of the bible and began reading it diligently. George later returned to school after being intrigued by a well groom man who worked and put himself to college and stressing the strength in education to him. It has only been a year since George’s absence from school. He finished grammar school and started at Pembroke College, Oxford Nov. 7, 1732. Where he was drawn to a group called “Holy Club” where a group of young men who seriously devoted to prayer, fasting, and other spiritual practices. He joined and met John and Charles

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