George Washington's Farewell Address

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Being the first man to act in his specific position of power, George Washington expectedly left office as the President of the United States of America with more issues in the nation than he started out with. While still solving significant matters with the help of congress under him, the weight of a country relying on your judgement could sometimes be too overbearing to handle. In 1796, the year Washington retired from office, he published his renowned “Farewell Address” in order to elaborate on his final concerns with the nations development, what Washington felt needed to be handled, and to give his people a sense of closure from his feedback from his two terms as President. Through Washington’s administration in his “Farewell Address”, he outlines the essential importance of the nation growing more strongly united in order to secure a more powerful American identity, identify the potential horrors of issues in the country from within, and ultimately to use the nations great unity to strengthen America’s foundation as a whole. While taking into consideration that America was built off of thirteen individual colonies striving to stand out among the rest, it is entirely understandable that each one would want to maintain their personal characteristics and successes. With that, it is easier to comprehend why it would be hard for a nation, built off of over a dozen independent parts, to simply come together as one as if it’s no big deal. In the address, Washington urges citizens among the states to further disregard their identities under the states they live in, but attempt to consider themselves all as ‘Americans’ and ‘Americans’ only. His goal was to have the American citizens wanting to thrive off of looking beyond all their blatant differences and to now yearn for the unity among them all. Washington foresaw the differences between his citizens rapidly
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