George Washington: The First President

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George Washington, one of the greatest leaders of our time and the one who steadied the shaky ground that the infant nation of America was trying to get a firm hold on becoming a strong and resolute country. In the very beginning of American history, as the constitution was taking hold and the new nation was emerging, no one was quite sure as to the responsibilities of the federal government and the extent to their power. One of the major figures that would settle these issues would be the president, leader supreme. So the issue was quite large as to who would become the first president. Though a debate with much gravity, it hardly left any question as to who would gain this position. Washington is the only president in history to have won…show more content…
Washington retired partly for the political reason but also personal ailments of age and sickness hindering him as well as the attacks on his character accusing him of being a traitor and a monarchal king abusing his powers and loving every minute of it. Sadly, these slanders of Washington drove him to resignation and retirement as his ultimate response stating that his intentions were truly republican at heart. His Farewell address consists of his last words and ideas for the Nation to follow. It consisted of his call for national unity. Also, he emphasized about his dislike of the formation of political parties fearing the repercussions of such an establishment. He foremost, stressed the issue of the formation of any long term alliances in avoiding such an occurrence and if necessary in a time of crisis a short term temporary alliance at the most would be the best available choice. Washington envisioned for the United States to have a history of peace and to avoid any major conflicts as that would harm the…show more content…
A major event occurring in foreign policy was that of Jay’s Treaty. This landmark was a disaster in American eyes that did practically nothing at all for improvement. Chief Justice John Jay was sent to England to discuss the issue of seizures of American vessels and the impressment of American sailors. Coming to the table with a weak hand as it was, Hamilton even informed England as to Jay’s plans as to have the upper hand in the negotiations. All the treaty established was that the British were to remove their troops and strongholds on northern American territory, already had been stated at the convention of Paris ending the War for Independence; the Treaty gave that the English would redeem the American for any losses but did not mention whether they would seize to do so in the future and no declaration of the impressments at all; also it allowed for the right of England’s ability to place tariffs on American exports while giving them a more favorable import status in the Unites states. All Americans despised Jay after this failure of an attempt at trying to improve our relation with Great

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