George Washington Presidential Outline

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Presidential Outline: George Washington George Washington (1732-1799) Virginia/Virginia Educational and Occupational Background Education: He was taught in Virginia, but did not attended college. He only received a grade school education. Occupations: 1. Colonel in Virginia Militia (1753-1758) 2. Virginia House of Burgesses (1758-1767) 3. Led Continental Army (1775-1783) 4. President of the Constitutional Convention (1787) IV. Presidential Term: (1789-1797) V. Issues of Election-1789: George Washington was unanimously elected by the presidential electors, so there were no issues with his election everyone agreed he should be the president. He was again unanimously reelected in 1793. VI. Opponents- No opponents Washington was unanimously elected. VII. Vice President: John Adams served as Vice President for both terms of Washington's presidency. VIII. Political Party: None IX. Major Domestic Happenings: George Washington became president (1789)- Washington acquired presidency by being unanimously chosen as president. Judiciary Act (1789)- This act instituted by George Washington created the judicial system of the Supreme Court. It also established lower federal courts as needed. Bill of Rights added to the Constitution (1791)- The Bill of Rights was the first Ten Amendments being added to the Constitution. These amendments included, the freedom of religion, speech, and press; the right to bear arms; ect. These were instituted to protect the rights of the people, which was asked for by the anti-federalists. Washington's Farewell Address (1796)- This was a letter written by George Washington addressing that he will not be seeking a third term as president. He also speaks about how the people should not break into different parties, and warns them of alliances with other nations. X. Major Economic Issues A. Tax on Whiskey (1791)-
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