George Washington Indispensable Man

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Indispensible Man As tensions where on the rise between the great nation of England and its dissenting colonies in America rose, the infant nation demanded liberation and self-sufficiency. Uprisings and outrages forced British soldiers to swiftly suppress the American desire for complete separation from its Mother Country. George Washington, a young Virginian, not only possessed superior traits that separated his leadership abilities from other prominent men, but exemplified American valor, strength, and willingness to fight for a cause. Washington’s indispensable traits are his previous life experiences, coherency between long-term goals and short term actions, ambitiousness, and moral and intellectual capacity. George Washington’s ambition enabled him to conceive new concepts that would facilitate the American cause in the rebellion against the English. Innovative ideas and the ability to take risks permitted the Americans to capitalize on their assets and bolster weaknesses. Washington’s ambitions and courageousness were shown in the militia he commanded. The presence of the army and its readiness to fight prevented the British to pronounce proper victory. As a visionary leader, he proposed a new country that would thrive without the relentless scrutiny of its Mother country. Washington’s moral and intellectual aptitude permitted him to approach the notion of war expansively and holistically. His morality under no circumstances failed to show his humility and his resiliency revealed his integrity and character. He proposed numerous routes and campaigns that helped the Americans to fight and defend themselves against the British in a practical manner. The competency of intelligence and moral character was and will always be crucial to any position of
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