George Washington Honesty

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In the founding of our nation, George Washington made a simple but immensely significant statement: “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.” The importance and meaning of this statement never becomes more obvious until a closer look into the workings of America’s government is taken. What Washington and the other Framers realized was there is challenge in establishing law; it could not be made so strict that it could not be altered to change with the times, nor could it be so vague as to cause divers interpretations. The law must be written to allow the “wise and honest” to change, but it should also be written in a way that the unjust cannot abuse it. What Washington understood was that every nation faces a potential of corruption because there are those who seek power for themselves and their interests. Therefore, care…show more content…
The irony of it all was that this nation has been instrumental in promoting human rights and fighting crimes against humanity, yet America was found committing these very crimes. We sent troops to Europe to fight the Nazis and put an end to their heinous atrocities. Astonishingly, the freedoms fighter of Freedom Summer had to fight similar act barely two decades later. What occurred in this time demonstrated an important principle: law in itself is neutral. How it will be enforced depends on the nature and motives of the interpreter. This is what the framers of our constitution realized. Even democratic governments could become tyrannical if the law fell into the wrong hands because people will naturally seek power. Since there is a tendency for some to be self-seeking and corrupted, it is important for our government to consist of multi-interests. When power is concentrated on one interest, we will cease to have a standard “the wise and honest can
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