George Washington Carver

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Black History Month Essay Competition “George Washington Carver Inspirational Quote” George Washington Carver “How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and strong” this fantastic quote was inspired by the great scientist George Washington Carver. His inspiration came from significant life events that made him view world differently. As a young weak boy his adoptive family was tolerating towards him, Susan Carver was compassionate of him for being a young kid who wanted to prosper, and many people were sympathic towards his eager to strive. Despite the medical problems and illness of Carver’s early childhood, he grew up to be an extremely wise man. Since he was too weak to work on the plantations Carver helped with household chores and gardening. Susan Carver became his teacher and taught him how to read and write. She also taught him the basic of gardening. He would spend a lot of his spare time in the woods learning about different kinds of plants and letting his knowledge grow. His enthusiasm towards education grew. By the age of 12 he wanted a formal education, and so with the help of his foster parents he set off to study at Nasho, to attend a school for blacks. Being black wasn’t going to stop Carver to succeed in life. Carver got adopted by his slave owners soon after he had been restored to them, after being kidnapped. His owners or adoptive parents were extremely tendered towards the young child. They understood his greed to learn and taught him everything that they knew. Yet this knowledge wasn’t enough for the young boy, and with the help of his adoptive parents he set of to an African American school to start his formal education. He was sure that he would make it big in life. Mr. and Mrs. Carver paid a huge contribution in his success

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