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Who was George Washington Atherton? Was he an artist or a politician? Maybe a student or possible and inventor? In fact he was a teacher and a president. Not of the country but of a school. A school that was small before his time, but when he arrived it grew, and grew, and grew. I’m talking about Penn State University one of the greatest state colleges in the United States. Atherton was probably the man responsible for how well Penn State is today, and for the size of the campus. June 20, 1837 born in the small town of Boxford, Massachusetts, Atherton was born. At the age of 12 his father dies and to keep the family running he works at a farm and cotton mill to pay his way through Philips Exeter, an elite high school. Graduating from Philips…show more content…
His first real job out of college was a teaching career at The Albany Academy in Albany, New York and then went to St. John’s College in Maryland. Soon after he became a faculty member at the University of Illinois then went to Rutgers to become a political science professor. While in New Jersey he takes up a law degree and runs for Congress, but he fails. He is initiated into the Delta Upsilon Fraternity at Rutgers. After Rutgers he then accepts tenure for twenty- four years at Penn State University’s presidency. At Penn State one of his main challenges was to win support for getting its land-grant. Chances of this goal being achieved was growing as soon as he got into power but they were still not high. With the help of his trustees and faculty "a strong President would now have a reasonable chance of building on the newly reconstructed foundation," and Atherton now had the experience and qualifications to accomplish the hard task that lay ahead of…show more content…
All students must be in attendance for all classes, male students attending the institution were to go through military training. Room inspections and artillery drills were always something going on at the University as an effect of the Morril land grant act. He was very fair to the students making sure that they always got a say in their class schedules, he helped to create the first fraternities on campus, and all students would be given fair hearings. In 1882 George Washington Atherton a major supporter of land-grant education became president of what is known as today The Pennsylvania State College. He was the one to bring engineering to the school and make it into the top ten in the country ever. Expanded the arts and had the first course in American literature. Atherton also crated the Agricultural Experiment station for scientific research. He also helped draft the Hatch act which gives Congressional support for academic research. And with the help of Atherton they were then able to open the college for regular classes beginning in

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