George Walton Essay

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Near by the clear blue water of the ocean and the soft, light brown sand, where you can hear the waves rush to the shore and the seagulls fly by. Close to the sunrise that warms your morning and shines your day and where the beautiful sun sets. Well known as the beach at eh Hampton’s . Where the people are known for their highly expectations and there richness. George Walton a middle aged man had just bought a house at the Hampton’s . He was a very rich man who owned many Hotels around the world. Well educated and comes from a rich family as well. Mr. Walton had everything in life until he realized that he needs a woman to love and love him back. He was a very handsome man. Every woman wanted to be with him but he knew they wanted him for his money and looks. George Walton had just bought his house at the Hampton’s . He was starting to look for house keepers and a driver. The house he had just bought was two stories high. It had five bedrooms for the family he had in mind for the future and three usual rooms. A family room, living room, and a dinning room down stairs. One bedroom was turned into an office down stairs. Up stairs he had three guest rooms and the fifth room was the master bedroom where George slept in. Mr. Walton posted up interviews for employees around the city. Many people decided to make an appointment for an interview with Mr. Walton. First a driver was hired, his name was Alex Rodriguez. Then four housekeepers. Their names where Rosemary, Maria, Ana, and Chantel. They were all Hispanics including the driver. The youngest one was Chantel she was 22 years old. As soon as they got hired they started to work the next day. It was the first day of work, Mr. Walton gave them a tour of the house and explained his expectations. After that, Mr. Walton’s ordinary day was about to start. As usual he went to work and at 8:00 pm, his driver took him back
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