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George Tenet Sheryl Smith PAD 500 Wednesday, November 11, 2012 George Tenet grew up in a two- story row house on Marathon Parkway in Little Neck, Queens. His father and mother had come from Greece during The Great Depression. Then they opened a Twentieth Century Diner not far from their home. His parents worked 16-hour days at the diner where she was a baker and his dad was a chief, while George and his brother bused tables. George loved sports, and playing stick ball in the streets. He was a guard on the basketball team for St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. George was a loud, energetic kid, nothing like his twin brother Bill who became a doctor. Tenet went to Georgetown University there he received a bachelor’s…show more content…
He did, not, for example take aggressive action when he learned that his processor as director of central intelligence (DCI), John Deuth, had mishandled extremely sensitive information, and instead allowed Deuth to keep his security clearances and chair the Commission on the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction that had been set by the Clinton administration. He didn’t even openly challenge the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans (OSP) headed by Undersecetary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, which was producing and disseminating extremely questionable information in 2002 that help make the case for war against Iraq. Tenet’s silence regarding Feith was particularly troubling in the OSP’s critique was based on the contention that the CIA was failing in its responsiblities and was not paying enough attention to information linking Saddam Hussein with al Qaeda, a hypothesis that Tenet surely knew was completely untrue (Mediterranean Quarterly p. 1-2 2001). Which caused the 9/11 terrorist attack costing several of lives at home and aboard. If he would have only taken the time to put his personal feelings aside he could had done his job ethically. Tenet was the go between which made his job politically hard because he could not able to openly disagree or communicate with members of President Bush administration when he knew they were wrong instead he choose to back them
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