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Pullman, Illinois, an industrial town in the city of Chicago, was founded in 1880 by George Pullman. Pullman was the president of the Railroad Sleeping Car Company. He advertised his town as a model community that included everything from parks to libraries, and was filled with satisfied, well-paid workers. Every resident was an employee of the Pullman Company, a manufacturer of railroad cars. By 1894, it operated "first class" sleeping cars on almost all of the nation's major railroads. “The name Pullman was a household word.”(Pennock, P1) Their paychecks and rent were both regulated directly by organizations under Pullman’s control. The town and the company operated smoothly and successfully for more than a decade. (Lehrer, P2) In 1893, there was turmoil amongst the residents. Orders for railroad sleeping cars declined, and Pullman was forced to lay off hundreds of employees. The remaining workers saw 25 percent pay cuts and rent did not lower at all.…show more content…
However, they still managed to do immeasurable damage; a great deal of property was destroyed, and life was disrupted for quite a while. The strike did show the strength of national unions and the damage that they are capable of, but this was not positive –a negative attitude by the public towards unions already existed, and this only made their opinions stronger. The public was extremely upset with the labor problem that the strike represented. The events of the strike caused other Americans to look for better ways to have peace between management and their labor force while protecting public interest. The strike also showed the willingness of the federal government to intervene and support capitalists against unified labor. Overall, the Pullman strike can be characterized as a loss by the union that caused irreversible damage to the
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