George Merrick's Long Devoted Path

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When you come across Coral Gables you tend to believe that you’re in Spain with the way Coral Gables was moderately designed. The unique designs make it look basically like a castle from Spain. You think to yourself. How did all of this come to be? Who was the person behind all of this? Was it a person that was a great visionary? Or was it just a normal everyday person? Was there even a person behind all of this? Or is it just how most cities are developed nowadays, without any planning? To start it off, yes there was a person behind the creation of Coral Gables. In which many people call him a visionary. Based on what he was trying to create in a small town in Florida. George Merrick was the name of the person that made Coral Gables possible. George Merrick was a visionary. Of course to get anywhere in life people had to work hard to get to where they want to get in life. George was born in Springdale, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1886. A month after he was born, his family moved to Gaines, New York. George spent the first ten years of his life in New York. His father, Solomon Greasley Merrick was a pastor, his mother on the other hand; Althea Fink Merrick was a respected artist and also a community leader. Four years before the Merrick family moved to Florida, they used to live in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Solomon was the minister of the Pilgrim Church so the family was able to live in a nice home on the main street. George at this time was growing intellectually, and not only that but he also got a chance to experience the enlightenment of the “New England Renaissance”. Apart from that George was considered a good poet and writer. At the time, it seemed that he had his future planned out, since he had a clear path to go to Harvard and getting a writing career. It wasn’t until the harsh New England winter that it took a toll on the family. In 1899, the four-year-old

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