George Jackson and Malcolm X

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Both Malcolm X and George Jackson have provided much leadership to the world today. Their writings have influenced millions of people throughout the American society and its legal system as a whole. They both were part of a well know organization.. Malcolm created his organization called the Muslim Mosque Inc. and Jackson was in the Black Panthers Party, both of which were working towards finding unity in African American culture. Jackson also refers to white people as the devil who would arbitrate the lives of black people. Both Jackson and Malcolm’s prison experience indeed alters their moral consciousness and how they really think about society. Jackson and Malcolm X both educated themselves when they were behind bars. Prison time awakens their revolutionary minds by Self-education being the only solution to African American culture because there was cruel racism and discrimination coming from white people. During this time, Education in African Americans was self-employment because they never had equal rights to go to school. They would always experience racism and discrimination when they were at school. Both their parents would have them switch schools due to all the abusive whites that would scare them deeply. George Jackson did, however, follow the same chronological path as Malcolm X did in his autobiography. That is, George Jackson begins by detailing his encounter with one of his elementary school classmates: “I approached one, felt his hair, scratched at his cheek, he hit me in the head with a baseball bat. They found me crumpled in a heap just outside the school-yard fence” (5). Prison to Malcolm and Jackson was an opportunity to better themselves through education. Both these men lacked sufficient education during their adolescent years and turned crime into making a living. When they ended up in prison, they started to educate themselves. This

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